Santorini Holidays and Greece Holidays

Santorini is the largest island of the circular archipelago called the Cyclades. The island is the site of the biggest volcanic eruption in recorded history and the eruption left a massive caldera which is surrounded by volcanic ash. Santorini is knows as Calliste (most beautiful translated from ancient Greek). The present shape of the island is a crescent, which was formed by the volcanic activity in the area in prehistoric times.

The volcano is now dormant, but it still feeds the myth of the lost Atlantis. The capital city of Thira invites with its narrow streets, towering high above the crystal waters. Santorini has the traditional architecture of the Cyclades - low-build cubical houses, made by local stone and coloured in white. Because more of Santorini is hilly, this may not be an ideal place for people with walking difficulties.

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