Mykonos Holidays and Greece Holidays

Classic, timeless value, the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos needs no introduction. A mere picture is enough: the one of waves crashing below the balconies of Little Venice or of the old windmills which stand proudly on the small hill just outside the town. Within easy reach, the greatest open air museum of Europe and designated UNESCO World Cultural Heritage monument, ancient Delos integrates with the cultural profile of Mykonos island.

Mykonos, with its unparalleled nightlife, stunning architecture and picture-perfect beaches is often named the jewel in the crown among the Cyclades islands. The Capital city of Hora invites with its beautiful, narrow streets, full of colour and life. The architectural style of the white houses perched on the cliffs attracts sun seekers, party goers and couples equally. Because of its steep slopes, Mykonos is ideal for families and couples, and people with walking difficulties should have in mind these hilly challenges. The churches in Mykonos inspire you and make you gasp in awe. The traditional Greek taverns are a must and there are plenty of boutique and souvenir shops to choose from.

The small harbour awaits for the local fishing boats and allures the luxurious yachts that surround this break-taking, enigmatic island. Each season a different scenery, each area of the island a new surprise As many times as one may visit Mykonos, there is always something new to discover. What makes the real difference, however, is the authenticity, the warm and natural welcoming, the feeling that you are a unique guest and not just one more visitor to the "island of the Winds".

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