Holguin Holidays and Cuba Holidays

San Isidore de Holguin Cuba is the main town in the country’s Holguin province, one of the islands most diverse and beautiful. The beauty of Holguin beach resorts, the impressive array of Holguin attractions, and the pleasant countryside have made the town and surrounding province one of the most visited areas in Cuba. The town of San Isidore de Holguin Cuba (commonly known as just Holguin) is named after Captain Garcia Holguin, a sixteenth century Spanish settler. Incorporated in 1720, the town grew in importance in the nineteenth century as a center of sugar production and fruit cultivation. Since the Cuban Revolution. Sugar, beans, coffee and corn is what grows, and nickel, iron, steel and cobalt is the other important industry of Holguin. It is from up here they will tell you Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon) did his first step on Cuba … but in a lot of places you will hear the same, a shame we can't ask Chris about the truth anymore. Around Guardelavaca you will find most tourists, places like Playa Esmeralda, Don Lino, Bahia de Naranjo. You can find eco tourism at Pinares del Mayari. If you are looking for real culture you do the best going to Holguin city. The close to 50 beaches in Holguin Province cover close to 25 miles (40 km) of coastline. Very intimate, they are among the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean and have a warm turquoise water that is very calm, thanks to the protection offered by nearby coral reefs. They are bordered by thick vegetation which is typical for this province.

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